It’s back, baby! You’re the kind of champion who orders a vindaloo, EXTRA HOT, then reaches for the hot sauce for a bit of extra kick. The kind of legend who goes to Nandos, gets the extra hot chicken and then adds more extra bloody hot Peri-Peri sauce. Yeah, we know who you are, over there, sweating in the corner. We see you. We understand you. We are here for you.

With this being the final year that we will be releasing the World’s Hottest Gin, we wanted to make sure as many people got to experience the spice as possible… but first we had to taste it.

To make sure we didn’t poison any of our valued customers and friends, we took it upon ourselves to do a tasting before releasing to the public.

The three department managers of 7K (Chappy from Sales, Tom from Production and Zoe from Marketing) took one for the team and tested a cheeky half-shot of the World’s Hottest… You can see how that went here.

With the product testing out of the way it was time to release it to the public, starting with the launch party on, what turned out to be the last perfect, warm Autumn day before the winter chill set in.

We had an amazing turn out with delicious food provided by Munchies Street Food and The Candy Van, along with some funky tunes from Hugo Bladel.

About the World’s Hottest Gin:

The 7K World’s Hottest Gin is carefully (very carefully, you don’t want to rub your eyes when handling this bad boy) crafted using Carolina Reapers, which we soak in neutral cane spirit for 6 months. The Carolina Reaper holds the Guiness World Record for the hottest chilli, with an average of 1,569,300 Scoville Heat Units (SHU). We then add 200ml of this vicious fluid to 200L of juniper base and 2 -3L of orange spirit (which lovingly craft from fresh orange peel). We know, this still would not have been hot enough for you (remember, we know you), so that’s why we add a Carolina Reaper Chilli to every bottle (which looks gorgeous, but looks can be deadly). The finished product BURNS (in a good way). If you aren’t sure how to enjoy this spicy little number, never fear, we have some cocktail inspiration below.

The World’s Hottest Gin has been on sale for the past 8 weeks and we are already down to our last 200 bottles. Once they are gone, it’s gone forever so make sure you get in and grab your World’s Hottest Gin today.

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