Ever wondered what goes into a 7K gin? For our new summer campaign, we brought a high-tech camera into the 7K distillery and let it capture everything that goes into the making of our famous premium gins in high definition – and it looks absolutely amazing. To see the videos in all their slow-motion glory, click them below.

Dry Chilli Gin

Tasmanian Raspberry Gin

Tasmanian Modern Gin

A taste of the tallest.

In Victoria they call it ‘Mountain Ash’, and most Tasmanians know it as ‘Tasmanian Oak’. At 7K, we know eucalyptus ragnans as one of the hero ingredients in our Modern Tasmanian Gin. Harvested by us in southern Tassie, ragnans gives our gin a sweet and surprisingly bubble gum-like flavour. Next time you’re on a Tassie bushwalk, keep an eye out for our mighty botanicals – the tallest one tops 100m!

Upcycling never tasted so good.

We squeeze as much flavour into our Tasmanian Raspberry Gin as possible, but there’s always a bit of raspberry left at the end of the process. This didn’t sit well with our distiller and inhouse bartender, Chappy – so he created a whole new product to make sure the last bit of raspberry didn’t go to waste. We’re sure glad he did. The result is the 7K Tasmanian Raspberry Aperitif: a flavour-packed cocktail essential that’s winning over Hobart’s bartenders with it’s highly spritz-able qualities.

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