7K Distilleries Tasmanian Raspberry Gin is built on the idea that using quality produce makes quality gin. I love seeing the look on the faces of friends, followers and visitors when they come into the distillery for a tasting and they see inside the big vats full of Tasmanian Raspberries and gin. No artificial flavours, no artificial colours, just raspberries gin and time.

I am going to tell you one of the secrets that makes our Tasmanian Raspberry Gin so good ;). I will give you a hint… it’s grown only 45min from Hobart, in the foot hills of the World Heritage Mt Field National Park. Willamette Raspberries!! Grown for more than 25 years by the Clark family at Westerway Raspberry Farm Willamette raspberries are know for their high sugar content, and rich colour. I would encourage anyone who is around southern Tasmania in the summer season to head up the Western Wilds touring rout and go and check out the farm as there is lots of delicious berries to try and/or pick with your friends and family.

Buts it’s not just using the raspberries that make this gin so great, its the amount of them we use that gives our gin its flavour. We use over 200kg per 1000L batch, thats nearly 150 grams of raspberries per bottle! It would be fare to say that our 7K Distilleries Tasmanian Raspberry Gin is one of the Raspberriest!

Distiller Tom Rofe stirring the raspberry gin

So we have the raspberries what’s next?? The gin of coarse!!! To make the base for this gin we first need our Natural Spirit and our juniper berries, which is the ingredient that makes a gin a gin.  For those of  you that are not aware juniper berries aren’t grown commercially in Australia, so pretty much all commercial supply will come from places like Serbia or Bulgaria.  Most medium to small sized gin distilleries like ourselves with source these berries through wholesalers in Australian, where other bigger distilleries have the option of going direct.  Some might argue some places are better than others, but the most important thing for all us gin distilleries is never to run out! or we wont be able to produce gin!  In distilling this gin we use both the pot distilled and the vapor infusion method. We find this helps really pack the juniper flavour into the spirit to give the gin a true dry gin flavour.  This process normally takes about 6 hours, and after which the distilled spirit which is now our gin is set aside to rest before we add the raspberries (Picture Above).

The magic takes place over the period of 4 to 6 weeks where the raspberries give up most of there flavour and colour into the gin.  What isn’t taken out during this process isn’t lost! I will touch on this at the end :).

If any of you have ever wondered how we get the raspberries out after we put them in his is how we do it! After producing smaller batches with putting the Raspberries directly in the gin we found it took a lot of time manually straining out all the pulp, so we then came up with the idea of putting the 10kg frozen blocks of raspberries in large mesh bags to make what some would say giant raspberry tea bags.   This makes it so much easier to remove the raspberries from the liquid buy just lifting them all out at once with an electric crane.