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7K Distillery Uses QR Codes to Improve Customer Experience

7K Distillery is a boutique, independent Tasmanian distillery crafting award winning gins, spirits, Single Malt Whisky and more since 2017. The distillery is committed to using sustainable practices and creating high-quality products. 7K Distillery uses QR codes to improve the customer experience in a number of ways. * **QR codes can be used to provide information about products.** When customers scan a QR code, they can access information about the product, such as ingredients, nutritional information, and recipes. This can help customers make informed decisions about which products to buy. * **QR codes can be used to track customer purchases.** This information can be used to improve marketing and sales efforts. For example, 7K Distillery can track which products are the most popular and which customers are the most likely to purchase. * **QR codes can be used to create loyalty programs.** Customers can scan a QR code to sign up for a loyalty program and earn rewards for their purchases. This can help 7K Distillery build relationships with customers and encourage them to return for more. 7K Distillery is just one example of a business that is using QR codes to improve the customer experience. QR codes are a powerful tool that can be used to increase sales, build customer loyalty, and provide valuable information to customers.

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