Modern Tasmanian Gin 725mL

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Aqua Vitae Modern Gin is as natural as it can get and brings uniqueness like no other. Translating from old Latin, Aqua vitae means ‘Water of Life’ and originated as a term used for distilled spirits back in the middle ages. Reinvigorating the name called for reinvigorating the spirit. With a focus on local Tasmanian and Australian ingredients, some even harvested by us, Aqua Vitae challenges the typical full bodied, heavy gins that dominate the Australian market and proves a modern, clean spirit that teases the palate with fresh, fruity and floral notes. Imperial Mandarin, Strawberry Eucalyptus and Lemon Myrtle blend harmoniously alongside Wild fennel and of course the hero, Serbian Juniper. This Modern Gin is best enjoyed with an ice block and splash of tonic, along with fresh fruits like mandarin or peach to highlight the fruity characteristics that make Aqua Vitae so special.


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1 review for Modern Tasmanian Gin 725mL

  1. Athfos (verified owner)

    The distillers at 7K have created the nicest Gin I have tasted, called Aqua Vitae modern Gin it has to be tried to appreciate. I ordered from the website and in just a few days it was in my hands, beautifully packaged and labeled. The fragrance of the botanicals, unique to the area of Tasmania is amazing and produces a fresh taste, ideal to pep up your day when mixed with a slice of peach – hint of tonic and topped with soda. Soooo Nice!

  2. pike2332 (verified owner)

    I looovveee love loveeee your modern gin. On to my 4th bottle, I think.

  3. Darcy

    This is by far the most delish gin I’ve ever tasted.
    Such an epic drop.
    Tasted it for the first time a few years ago at dark mofo and still yet to find a gin that tops it. 👏

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