World’s Hottest Gin Packs

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Introducing the World’s Hottest Gin – ONLY available in a limited edition pack from 7K Distillery.

Made with Carolina Reaper Chilli, the hottest natural chilli in the world, this gin is hot enough to make a grown man cry.

The World’s Hottest Gin has been created by taking a juniper heavy gin at 66.6% ABV and post-blending with Carolina Reaper chilli, after being bottled a whole Carolina Reaper Chilli has been left inside to allow the spicy goodness to soak in.  Once you overcome the searing heat you will taste the sweet notes of the Carolina Reaper as well as Australian Orange peel.

Each pack includes:

1 x 200ml  7K World’s Hottest Gin 66.6% ABV.

1 x 200ml  7K Dry Chilli Gin 53% ABV.

2 x Strangelove Watermelon Tonic.

1 x Pack of Dehydrated Orange Garnish.


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