What a winter we’ve had! I hope everyone has been staying safe over the cold period – and for those of you who tried our ‘Worlds Hottest Gin’, we hope that it helped keep you warm!

We are very excited to be coming into summer, with festivals and borders starting to open back up again! With this warm weather we are very eager to announce the official launch of our new and improved Tasmanian Raspberry Aperitif, ready for your summer spritzes.

Our distiller and inhouse bartender, Chappy, personally came up with the recipe for this one. His secret recipe contains Tasmanian fortified Sauvignon Blanc as a base, his own blend of bittering botanicals, and the spent Tasmanian Raspberries from our Tasmanian Raspberry Gin. Last summer this was a huge hit around our hometown bars in Hobart, and we’re keen to have it ready for this summer to be enjoyed far and wide!

A Spritz is an easy and fun drink to make, and you only need four ingredients; 7K Distillery’s Tasmanian Raspberry Aperitif, a good sparkling wine, soda water, and a garnish (like orange, or rosemary).

To make the spritz:

– Fill a large wine glass half full of ice.
– Add three parts sparkling wine.
– Add two parts Tasmanian Raspberry Aperitif.
– Adding one part soda water (add less if you would like it stronger).
– Stir with a bar spoon or a teaspoon.

…and voilà!

In the spirit of summer, we wanted to put something together especially fun for you! Our 7K friends let us introduce the Summer Nights 7K Spritz pack.

7K Summer Nights 7K Spritz Pack – $69

Visiting Tassie over summer?

For anyone visiting Tassie over the summer don’t forget to drop in and visit our Derwent Park Production Distillery, just 15min from Hobart’s CBD. Tastings are always available, and if you tell our team that you’re ‘friends of 7K’, or use “Friendsof7K” when booking any tour at checkout, the tastings will be on the house!

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Bye for now,
Tyler and the 7K Team.