The perfect Balance of Bitter and Sweet, this Tasmanian Raspberry Aperitif is the brainchild of our distiller/inhouse bartender Chappy. Traditionally an Aperitif is a alcoholic beverage used to stimulate the appetite before a meal , but is also used as a main ingredient in many cocktails, most famously the Spritz. What started of as a side experiment that uses the spent raspberries from the Tasmanian Raspberry Gin. This flavour packed liquor has led some bars to push aside their classic Italian aperitivo’s such as Aperol and introduce this to their menu for summer Spritzes.

Made with Tasmanian ingredients this Aperitif is a “Must Have” for your summer spritz cocktails.

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The Perfect Balance of Fruity, Bitter and Sweet.


A Spritz is an easy and fun drink to make (easy as 3,2,1) and you only need 4 ingredients. 7K Distillery’s Tasmanian Raspberry Aperitif, a Sparkling Wine, Soda Water and a Garnish such as orange and rosemary.

To make the spritz start by:
– Filling a large wine glass half full of ice.
– Adding 3 Parts Sparkling wine.
– Adding 2 Parts Tasmanian Raspberry Aperitif.
– Adding 1 Part Soda water (add less if you would like it stronger ;)).
– Stir with Bar Spoon or tea spoon.
and Voilà!!

In the spirit of summer we thought we might put something together especially for all our 7K friends! Let me introduce the “Summer Night” 7K Spritz pack!

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