Espresso Martinis are one of the most popular cocktails going around, but we still find that what’s being handed over the bar isn’t up to scratch. One of the most common reasons this happens is simple: bad ingredients. Cheap products and artificial flavouring kill any cocktail, and Espresso Martinis are no exception. Luckily for you, we’ve got a few ingredient tips to help you get EMs right every time.

7K Modern Coffee Liqueur

We collaborated with Zimmah Coffee to create an entirely single origin coffee liqueur.

We wanted to use single origin (in this case, from Colombia) to highlight the robust individual flavours of the particular bean, and bring out the more pronounced flavours, acidity and aroma, which are usually lost in blends. We meticulously cold-brewed these freshly ground coffee beans in our high proof Modern Vodka for two months.

After two months of macerating, we added a water-based batch of cold brew, using the same style of single origin coffee bean. This method utilises the alcohol soluble flavours, as well as water soluble flavours, bringing more complexity to our coffee liqueur. The last ingredient is sugar, which adds mouthfeel and texture. Fresh coffee, quality spirit, Tasmanian water, and sugar. Four ingredients.

This simple yet complex tasting liqueur doesn’t utilise any flavourings, caramels, or spices – the flavour comes from the coffee.

7K Modern Vodka

We’ve seen all sorts of flavours of vodka around, from passionfruit to marshmallow. The shelves are absolutely packed with just about every variation you can think of. What happened to the classic smooth and odourless spirit? When 7K got going, we set out to create a vodka for every situation, from classy cocktails to a humble Vodka Lime and Soda.

Our vodka utilises a modern method of filtration, adding activated charcoal into the vapour chamber of our copper pot still. We clean the spirit during distillation, while it’s in vapour form. When that’s done, we add the final key ingredient, Tasmanian water. The Modern Vodka’s vapour filtration and Tassie water gives it a smooth and clean taste, while achieving all the accents of a classic vodka.