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Winter warmer with a kick

Absolutely spectacular gin. Beautiful taste with a chilli kick. The spice is well balanced so this gin works perfectly for Martini’s, Negroni’s,, and even Margaritas with a twist.

Will purchase again.

Dry Chilli Gin
Robyn Wakelam
Stunning gin

The whole process of purchasing this product was excellent from start to finish. I bought a mixed 3 pack with free delivery which made it all so economical. I was updated on packaging, shipping and arrival. It arrived very promptly. Have bought it before and will do so again. You won’t be disappointed.

7K Raspberry gin

Amazing!! Mixed- in a spritz or just on its own!! Love this Gin!!

Great full body raspberry

Love the taste of this original Tassie raspberry gin.
Spritzer, cocktail or straight on ice.

Me likey alot

Had some friends over and we shared a bottle of this and it was very popular. Absolutely love the art work and it made for a very enjoyable drink. Will be putting it on my list of staples for the bar. Just hide from the partner or it will go quickly.

Perfect allrounder gin

I love the modern twist on this gin, you can taste the citrus and botanicas but it isn't overpowering like others. The wife and I enjoy this straight or with a mixer and have gotten our gin drinking friends addicted to it also. Also great value in the three pack at the moment so we will be stocking up. :)

Delicious on toast

Got as part of the Mothers day hamper and I am in love with this jam. Had to hide it from the husband and it is great on toast and I even used it when I made a trifle. Very delicious and I love the kick it gives in the morning. :)

Spice up your life

Love this to add some spice to a drink, even a hot chocolate. Have even used when making pumpkin soup as they suggested at the tasting house and it is prefect. Really imaginative product and am loving the new packaging for a gift idea.

Love it

Absolutely love this vodka, quite strong abv so it lasts so long. Perfect with the coffee liqueur to make an espresso martini, or with a mixer, or straight, depending on the day.

Perfect to warm you up on a winter's night

Love the warmth from this gin. it is great on it's own OR with a ginger ale. Just have to hide it from the wife.

Perfect straight or on ice

So refreshing on a summers day after a long day in the garden. Love to have it in a cocktail too.

So freash

Absolutely love this new release. Tried at the New Norfolk tasting house and my husband and I had to get a bottle for our collection. Really nice in a martini or just straight.

Favourite Gin

This is now my go-to gin! I love the raspberries and the huge flavour this one brings.

Tasmanian Raspberry Gin
Anthony Diggles
Raspberry Gin so refreshing

First had this magnificent refreshing gin I believe in 2021 was magnificent then and still is to this day. Highly recommended to all lovers of a fine Gin. Regular shipments to the sunshine state. Refreshing tasteful

First tried on a visit to Tassie, have been ordering since. Best raspberry gin.Yum!

Perfect gin for a dirty martini

I've certainly been enjoying having this gin as part of my dirty martinis. It's oily with a strong taste of olives and rosemary which pairs well in the martini. The only gin you need for a martini

Yummy light gin

Love the modern Tasmanian gin, is my go-to gin for a few years now.
Especially good with lime slices and sit back and relax :)

The best martini you'll ever have

Had the pleasure of several martinis made with this gin at restaurant Maria. So incredibly smooth, with a slightly olive-y salty finish. It's so good you can drink it straight, ice cold.

One of the Smoothest and Pleasant Gin's I have had.

First Time trying this lovely Gin made by my favourite Tasmanian Owned and Operated Distillery. Their Mediterranean Coastal Gin with a nice lemonade made my tastebuds melt. No after-taste was left after each sip I took and this Gin has definitely surpassed my usual favourite of Tasmanian Raspberry Gin with Lemon Squash.

5/5 would recommend this Gin.

Morning Tea Delight

A regular visitor to Hobart, I love sampling as many Tassie tempters as I can. This led me to buying Pam's Raspberry Gin Jam, returning home and having a morning tea. My friends were very taken by the taste.
Last month (back again) I had a box of gin goodies sent home. Gift problems solved.
Thanks Tyler, team and Pam.

A Very lovely Dram

I first came across 7K back in 2018 when the first barrel of whisky was laid down and was keen to purchase the latest release.

I was not disappointed with the quality and taste of this latest release.

Awesome work folks.

Excellent Gin

What a beautiful gin. Savoury, salty and very smooth. A brilliant gin for a classic martini whether you prefer it dry with a lemon twist or dirty with olives, it’s a perfect martini gin.

So hot ... but really versatile

As the title suggests, this gin is very, very hot ... love adding a drop or two to a bloody mary or a burrito - you can taste the sweetness of the reaper when it's diluted down a bit.
This little bottle goes a long way, the heat and flavour is super concentrated!

The best Martini gin!

Got to try this at Restaurant Maria in the best Martini of my life! I can't wait till my bottle arrives! Thankyou!

Tasmanian Raspberry Gin
Natalia Classey
Great product.

Absolutely love this gin,
and it is great in Cocktails or over Ice.
Best cocktail I’ve had so far with it,
would have to be a Raspberry Gin Sour.
60 ml 7k Raspberry Gin
30ml Raspberry Cordial/Syrup
30ml Lemon Juice
1 Egg White
Shake with ice and garnish with fresh raspberries.
Sooooo Goood!!!!