Article : Great Raspberries = Great Raspberry Gin

7K Distilleries Tasmanian Raspberry Gin is built on the idea that using quality produce makes quality gin. I love seeing the look on the faces of friends, followers and visitors when they come into the distillery for a tasting and they see inside the big vats full of Tasmanian Raspberries and gin. No artificial flavours, No artificial colours, just raspberries gin and time.

Quality over Quantity

Unlike some Raspberry gins we don't go lightly on the raspberries. Over 200kg per 1000 litre batch to make this gin truly a Raspberry Gin.

Raspberries, Gin and Time

Our Tasmanian Raspberry Gin sits in closed vat for over 4 weeks to soak up all the flavour from the Willamette raspberries.

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Our Story

Tyler Clark is the brains (and hands) behind 7K Distillery. Our original distillery was created entirely by hand by Tyler (yep, he even built the still we use to make spirits!) using “upcycled” shipping containers on a hill in Brighton, Tasmania. Now based just 10 minutes out of Hobart, 7K is all about making great spirits with an emphasis on environmental consciousness and waste minimisation.

We’re passionate about using local ingredients to create spirits that are distinctive and modern, yet offer a unique sense of provenance.

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