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Modern Pastis Licorice Spirit

Modern Pastis Licorice Spirit

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Our Modern Pastis Licorice Spirit is an invigorating mixture of vapour-distilled anise botanicals and elderberries. These ingredients combine to create a harmonious taste rich on the palate, bringing a sensuous experience with each sip.

Flaunting a deep, ruby-red hue, Modern Pastis is not to be mistaken for a sweet liqueur. This spirit is a carefully balanced blend that requires a delicate pairing. Whether you enjoy it as an aperitif, an after-dinner spirit, or even blended in the perfect cocktail, Modern Pastis holds no bounds in its usefulness—though we can vouch for simply pouring it on the rocks with a hint of lime, then slipping into the tub with your favourite book… or person.

43% ABV.

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