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Modern Tasmanian Gin

Modern Tasmanian Gin

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Before we had a label – or even a name – we had a vision for a fresh, modern take on gin.

One that pulled back the juniper berry throttle just enough to let floral and citrus botanicals come to life. Turns out that works. Our Modern Tasmanian Gin is a fruity, flowery marvel, with a bold eucalyptus nose, and a zesty mandarin and earthy coriander seed body. The perfect balance for vibrant summer cocktails or a relaxed G&T. *Chef’s kiss*

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43% ABV.

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Big and bold with a velvety finish.

Mandarin Peel

There's nothing like walking into the distillery on mandarin peeling day! We buy our mandarin whole in peak fruiting season, then preserve them to help the citrus flavour come through fresh in the gin.

Lime Peel

When we created the Modern Tasmanian Gin, it was important for us to build a complex profile for all our citrus ingredients, creating more flavour in the body and the nose of the gin. Lime adds fresh zestiness to make the gin really shine.

Lemon Peel

Lemon brings fresh tart and citrus notes to our Modern Tasmanian Gin. All lemons that find their way into our gin are peeled with minimal (sometimes no) rind to ensure we get maximum flavour.

Orris Root

Orris root is one of the most common botanicals in gin, and for good reason. It brings an earthy, flowery aroma - which makes sense, because it's the root of the iris flower.

Cardamom Pods

Cardamon pods have a strong, spicy, perfume-like taste, and if you're not careful, they can overpower everything else in the gin. That's why we use just enough to complement and add complexity to the citrus flavour.

Angelica Root

With an earthy, sweet and pine-like flavour, angelica root adds depth to our Modern Tasmanian Gin, binding the flavour profile together.

Juniper Berries

Juniper berries have been the base for gins for eons. It’s literally where the word ‘gin’ comes from. In our Tasmanian Raspberry Gin, you can pick up the juniper on both the nose on the back of the palate as a distinct, gin-like flavour.

Coriander Seed

We get our coriander seed from WA, where we find the earthy, toasted, citrus flavour we love, and that gives our Modern Tasmanian Gin that distinctive sweet flavour.


With its fruity, tropical aroma, chamomile is used to help bring that floral element to the fore. Coming across in the nose of our gin, the aroma is sometimes compared to dry hay.

Eucalyptus Ragnans

We love using a Tasmanian ingredient to give our gins that special local flavour! Harvested by us in southern Tassie, Eucalyptus Ragnans is a hero ingredient in our Modern Tasmanian Gin that gives it a sweet bubble gum-like flavour.

Lemon Myrtle

The 'Queen of the Lemon Herbs' brings a smooth, citrus taste to our Modern Tasmanian Gin, and a real lemon-y sweetness to the nose.


Being a very aromatic floral ingredient, lavender can be easily overdone. We use just a small amount in our gin to build up its distinct floral profile. You'll pick this up on the back palate.

Rose Petals

Rose petals lend a floral touch to our Modern Tasmanian Gin. Although quite subtle, the rose helps build complexity into the floral component of the gin, giving it a musky aroma.

Modern gin calls for modern concoctions.

Our Modern Tasmanian Gin is a great addition to your more delicate summer cocktails. Bringing Zest and complex floral notes.

Citrus Fizz

A summer classic, one that can only be improved on by making sure you use our Modern Tasmanian Gin.

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