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Tasmanian Raspberry Gin

Tasmanian Raspberry Gin

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Tasmanian Raspberry Gin is a sweet yet refreshing mixture created with Tasmanian-grown Willamette Raspberries, grown in Westerway, just up the River Derwent from 7K Distillery.

We pick the raspberries at the height of the raspberry season, then we preserve them in our dry gin to keep the flavour fresh. No syrups, no artificial stuff, no corner-cutting. It’s no-nonsense, naturally sweet Tasmanian Raspberry Gin. Exactly how it should be. The only thing we’re not particular about is who gets to enjoy it.

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30% ABV.


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A bold, sweet and well-balanced gin.

Williamette Raspberries

Direct from the Clark family’s Westerway Raspberry farm on the Derwent. Picked at the peak of the season when the fruit is at its sweetest, then preserved straight away to keep them fresh.

Juniper Berries

Juniper berries have been the base for gins for eons. It’s literally where the word ‘gin’ comes from. In our Tasmanian Raspberry Gin, you can pick up the juniper on both the nose on the back of the palate as a distinct, gin-like flavour.

Best served any way you want it.

Bring that extra fruity twist to your favourite cocktails with Tasmanian Raspberry Gin. Or try it out in a new one. May we suggest...

Raspberry Royal

Raspberry, gin and sparkling come together to make a delicious, floral and fruity cocktail. Good sparkling gives a healthy zip and accentuates the fresh, floral nose.

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Fruit Bowl Frappé

Make good use of that rich raspberry and create a fruity masterpiece. The Fruit Bowl Frappé is jam-packed with fruit flavour (and a good dose of vitamin C). Superb on a hot afternoon.

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Customer Reviews

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Natalia Classey
Great product.

Absolutely love this gin,
and it is great in Cocktails or over Ice.
Best cocktail I’ve had so far with it,
would have to be a Raspberry Gin Sour.
60 ml 7k Raspberry Gin
30ml Raspberry Cordial/Syrup
30ml Lemon Juice
1 Egg White
Shake with ice and garnish with fresh raspberries.
Sooooo Goood!!!!

What a gem 💎

One little holiday in TAS and I’m now shipping this little splash of life across the Tasman. This little rose coloured gem will delight your tickle your fancy. Light and refreshing. Add a little Soda water or tonic, a few sprigs of thyme with a couple of dehydrated orange slices . Perfect. To intensify add dehydrated strawberries.
Either way your tastebuds will thank you. Enjoy.