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World’s Hottest Gin 2024

World’s Hottest Gin 2024

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(Re)introducing the World’s Hottest Gin 2024. 

Made with Carolina Reaper Chilli, the hottest natural chilli in the world, this gin is not for the faint-hearted.

The World’s Hottest Gin has been created by taking a juniper heavy gin at 66.6% ABV and post-blending with Carolina Reaper chilli. Bottled with a whole Carolina Reaper Chilli left inside to allow the spicy goodness to soak in. Once you overcome the searing heat you will taste the sweet notes of the Carolina Reaper as well as Australian Orange peel.

Add a few drops to a 7K Bloody Mary to experience unexpected sweet notes from the reaper. 

66.6% ABV.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Spice up your life

Love this to add some spice to a drink, even a hot chocolate. Have even used when making pumpkin soup as they suggested at the tasting house and it is prefect. Really imaginative product and am loving the new packaging for a gift idea.

So hot ... but really versatile

As the title suggests, this gin is very, very hot ... love adding a drop or two to a bloody mary or a burrito - you can taste the sweetness of the reaper when it's diluted down a bit.
This little bottle goes a long way, the heat and flavour is super concentrated!

This is outrageously good!

This is such a versatile gin. I've used it not just to fire up any cocktail but works like a chilli sauce on heaps of different dishes. Great with seafood!